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NEW Mortgage Adviser Trailblazer Apprenticeship

The new Mortgage Adviser apprenticeship is one of a new breed of Financial Services apprenticeships.

It has been designed by a group of 12 employers from the sector, so is a specialist ‘fit for purpose,

designed by the sector, for the sector’ scheme.

The apprenticeship is supported by government funding (for non-graduates) with further incentives

for small businesses.

Overview of Mortgage Adviser Trailblazer apprenticeship:

Available to new or existing staff aged 16-65

Includes exams from either the CII Certificate in Mortgage Advice or the ifs CeMAP

Flexibility to fast track candidates through exams if required, although apprenticeship must

run for a minimum of 12 months

Recognised & endorsed by the CII, ifs & CIOBS

Funding support available from the government for non-graduates (see details below)

In addition, a free recruitment service is offered by FWD to firms interested in this scheme.

Mortgage Adviser competencies to be demonstrated:

The employer group developed the following set of competencies which were validated by a survey to

the sector. An apprentice must be able to demonstrate competence in all these areas in order to

achieve a pass (or distinction).

Knowledge What is required

Industry and company


A broad awareness of the structure of the Financial Services industry and an indepth

knowledge of the structure of their own company; the purpose of the role in

which they work and how this interacts with key roles associated with the mortgage

advice process e.g. Customer Advisers, Underwriters, Product Providers and


Regulatory and compliance Understands the Financial Services legal and regulatory framework, corporate

risk/governance frameworks and can identify how the relevant parts of these

frameworks apply to their role. This will include what constitutes appropriate

market, business and personal conduct.

Products Understands the purpose and technical content of the products advised (licensed)

by the role including the customer need that is met by the product

Systems & processes Understands the systems and tools required to process a mortgage and to

successfully deliver the role outcomes. Has awareness of how these fit within the

wider company & industry. Demonstrates an understanding of colleague’s

associated roles and how these interact, in order to fulfil a fully compliant mortgage

advice process.


Knowledge cont. What is required cont.

Customer Service Customer Service Knows the principles/tools of excellent customer service and

company standards required in the role in order to fulfil customer needs.

Commercial awareness Has an awareness of the wider mortgage sector, its customers, competitors and

suppliers and the need for efficient and cost effective practices for the company to

be successful. Understands the local market in which they operate, how to keep up

to date with industry developments and the need to build a network of professional

contacts to support the development of their business.

Skills What is required

Quality service delivery The ability to elicit customer’s needs through effective fact finding and questioning

techniques and provides solutions thorough research and analysis. Can plan and

prioritise workloads and deliver all required outputs to customers and colleagues;

achieving all internal standards (e.g. service standards, accuracy, attention to detail,

meeting required risk, regulatory and governance requirements).

Communication Has high quality written and verbal communication skills and is able to handle a

range of situations and issues that arise. Has the ability to communicate effectively

with customers, colleagues, professional contacts and third party product providers.

Governance An understanding of regulatory requirements by working compliantly, including

data protection and treating customers fairly. Identify specific threats to the

business and act appropriately in line with regulation and governance. E.g. ensuring

that confidential information is only shared with the relevant people.

Relationship development The ability to identify, generate and develop relationships that support the role. E.g.

professional contacts, new business opportunities through internal/external

networking and customer referrals.

Using systems & processes

/ Technical ability

Adheres to all relevant processes and procedures using technical ability and

proficient IT skills to deliver positive outcomes for customers and the business,

within the risk, regulatory and governance requirements.

Behaviours What is required

Professionalism Displays honesty & integrity in actions and approach to work and clients,

demonstrating the principle of utmost good faith. E.g. acts honestly when dealing

with customer queries, ensuring they are treated fairly whilst upholding brand


Adaptability Has a willingness to accept changing priorities and work patterns when new jobs

need to be done, or customer circumstances or requirements change.

Achievement focussed Meets personal commitments and expectations. E.g. completing work, personal

development and time keeping. Achieves Key Performance Indicators and company

deliverables whilst delivering compliant customer outcomes. Tenacious in finding

the best solutions.


Problem solving The ability to go beyond the obvious, if the desired outcome is more challenging.

Remains positive in challenging situations, seeking alternative ways to achieve the

desired outcome for the customer.

Team working &


Consistently supports colleagues & collaborates to achieve results. Aware of their

role within the team & their impact on others.

How the scheme works in practice:

Stage 1 Induction phase:

Sign up process conducted by FWD (Including free recruitment service if required)

Introduction to programme, learner journey, commitments & planning

Stage 2 On programme phase:

Development of apprentice’s skills in the work place, including:

Study, revision support & pre exam preparation for all exams

Monthly visits to the workplace to support both manager & apprentice, using

performance management to track progress against role competencies

Ongoing remote support

Stage 3 Preparation for final assessment:

Collation of evidence to demonstrate all competencies required, overseen by FWD

working closely with apprentice & line manager using

A recorded client role play scenario

A portfolio of evidence from live experience in the workplace

Recorded ‘professional discussion’ with a qualified FWD trainer

Stage 4 Final assessment phase: (conducted by Professional Body)

Evidence complied in stage 3 above sent for independent final assessment

Stage 5 Result of final assessment:

The Professional Body will review all the evidence put forward in the final assessment

phase & award a Pass, Distinction (or Fail) result


Funding support available:

The government will fund 2/3 of the costs of this apprenticeship, but there are also further additional

incentives as below: (NB these are the maximum funding levels)

CII or IFS membership, study material & exam entries are paid for within the examples below (total

cost c£500)

1. Small Employers (defined as <50 employees)

Example 1a: Small employer <50 employees. Apprentice aged 16-18 (age on day of sign up to scheme)

Start 9/12 Completion (18/12)

Employer pays £1500 £1500

Employer receives £3000

Net Payment by employer £Nil

Example 1b: Small employer <50 employees. Apprentice aged 19+ (age on day of sign up to scheme)

Start 9/12 Completion (18/12)

Employer pays £1500 £1500

Employer receives £1800

Net Payment by employer £1200

2. Larger Employers (defined as >50 employees)

Example 2a:Larger employer >50 employees. Apprentice aged 16-18 (age on day of sign up to scheme)

Start 9/12 18/12

Employer pays £1500 £1500

Employer receives £2700

Net Payment by employer £300

Example 2b:Larger employer >50 employees. Apprentice aged 19+ (age on day of sign up to scheme)

Start 9/12 18/12

Employer pays £1500 £1500

Employer receives £900

Net Payment by employer £2100


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